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Organization Profile
Organization Retention Pond Services
Type of organization Landscaper/Lawncare
About the Organization

Retention Pond Services, Inc. was launched in 1996 by Glenn H. Garrett, president and owner, after he witnessed the stormwater retention basin damage left by hurricanes that same year. He recognized the severe environmental repercussions of poorly maintained stormwater retention structures and sought viable solutions to prevent similar damage to our communities in the future. Now more than ten years after its inception, Retention Pond Services, Inc. is an all-inclusive stormwater retention management and stormwater BMP company equipped to manage all facets involved with the retention pond maintenance and remediation of all stormwater retention structures. Our staff is comprised of highly trained, certified, and knowledgeable BMP specialists that understand Federal, State, and Local Compliance Regulations. Not only does the Retention Pond Services staff possess the ability to provide innovative solutions to our clients� stormwater retention and BMP needs, they have developed a strong rapport with government water quality agencies in order to act as liaisons on behalf of our clients. Because we are conscious of the harmful effects of a poorly maintained stormwater BMPs, we make sure that every project is done right the first time. Excellence is key.

Top Fan Testimonial
Name, Title Glenn Garrett - president and owner Glenn Garrett
Their Ventrac Equipment

Ventrac 4500, Tough Cut, Finish Mower, Broom, Trencher, Power Rake, Aera-Vator

Their Ventrac Story

My name is Glenn Garrett, president and founder of Retention Pond Services based in Wilmington North Carolina. We maintain, build, and repair storm water systems throughout the Southeast United States, and right now we operate in about ten states.

Slopes to the ponds tend to be hilly, they're vegetated and can be wet and mucky. It's definitely a slippery kind of environment, but the grass grows and has to be cut and maintained according to state codes.

Over the years we've bought approximately sixty-five Ventracs. We had a slope mower and we ran the Ventrac alongside the other competitor model and we found the Ventracs were superior. They were faster, easier to maintain, and did a better job in the wetter slopes and pond bottoms.

We've actually run tests with the crew and with the Ventrac units, and what we've found is the one Ventrac can replace twelve guys with large commercial grade weed eaters. The machines are just that much more efficient.

The savings the company has experienced the last ten years has been huge. We have a minimal training from the standpoint that the men learned so quickly how to operate the machines. It's not like you're driving an excavator or a bulldozer. It's very simple, similar to a lawnmower.

The operators like a low center of gravity, it gives them confidence. They like a machine they can sit in instead of on top of and Ventrac offers them that. It's been a huge savings through both workers comp and through the speed in which ponds get cut. As a business owner we can't afford to have workers comp claims involving the water and machines that roll over and that sort of thing. The Ventrac has prevented those types of claims from occurring. We're using Ventracs pretty much everywhere we are. All of our mowing crews have two Ventracs.

With a heavy machine taken into these wet moist areas we tend to get ruts from the tires. With the Ventracs and the dual wheel kits and the low ground pressure you significantly reduce your footprint exposure to the ground so you don't tear up everything when you go through it. You see a lot of slopes and banks where machines have cut and slid. The Ventracs don't tend to do that; they tend to stay put when you operate them on the side slope.

In addition to mowers, we also have trenchers, rakes, cultivators, and numerous attachments to kind of adapt to the pond. The brooms have been great options for us. They give you the ability to clean up like a dedicated broom machine, but you don't tie up all that money in a one purpose built machine.

The Ventracs have been integral in the operation, you get increased productivity when your people get comfortable with the machines and they're intuitive. I think the Ventrac is like that when you sit in them and drive them, once you get used to the steering and how they operate. I think it does make the men more productive so I would say that has been a positive experience and allowed the company to grow.

Why they are a Ventrac Fan.

We've actually ran test with the crew and with the Ventrac units, and what we've found is the one Ventrac can replace twelve guys with large commercial grade weed eaters. The machines are just that much more efficient.

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