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Organization Profile
Organization North Carolina State University
Location Raliegh, NC
Type of organization University Groundskeeping
About the Organization

North Carolina State University, being an agricultural school it's looked at pretty highly on the quality of the grounds. People often judge the university on the job we do. We feel that it is very important to set the impression that the school does a great job on their horticulture and agriculture. It's a selling point for the university.

Top Fan Testimonial
Name, Title Mark Tennant - Supervisor of Grounds Maintenance Mark Tennant
Their Ventrac Equipment

We have the finish mower deck, the tough cut deck, the Aera-Vator, the power broom, the power rake, the edger, and the tiller.

Their Ventrac Story

When we first looked at Ventrac to do slopes on a steep bank we were using out-fronts and zero-turns and they couldn't hold the slope, but the Ventrac could. So we either had to weed-eat or buy a Ventrac. Also, one of our biggest things is snow removal with the broom. It's our job to get the sidewalks clean so the students can get out as soon as possible. It would take six people to do what one person can do with that machine in an hour with the broom. We've shoveled and used the broom and we prefer the broom.

The crew cited the broom as being one of the most valuable assets for the daunting task that snow removal can be. For example, the broom has helped them to prevent breaking up bricks when clearing snow from brick walk-ways. With the broom, they've even been able to accomplish in an hour what would have taken six people to do.

To go from merely cutting to completely redoing the landscape with one piece of equipment has been a huge savings for the NC State Main Campus Grounds Crew. From finish mowing, rough cutting, aeration, edging, all the way to tilling Ventrac has helped the crew maintain the high quality of the grounds.

Why they are a Ventrac Fan.

They've held up well on Main Campus. We've taken care of them and we do our own maintenance on them. We put a lot of hurt on it.

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