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Name, Location Jack Wiley - Moline, IL Jack Wiley
Their Ventrac Equipment

Currently owns a Ventrac 4500Z  with 12 Ventrac attachments and numerous other-branded attachments and implements (over 35 attachments total).

Their Ventrac Story

My home is located in a very hilly area with many ravines having slopes of up to 30 degrees. Thus the capability of the Ventrac 4500Z tractor with duals to operate safely on such slopes is the major reason that I am a Ventrac owner and fan. Over the years there have been 9 major incidents in my immediate neighborhood where 2 wheel drive lawn and garden tractors have either rolled or run-away downhill out of control. Some of these resulted in injuries. With the Ventrac I now safely mow some of the steeper slopes belonging to my neighbors in addition to my own. They are grateful for the assistance, and I get to enjoy the ride. For me mowing is a recreational experience!

The traction advantages of 4 wheel drive are apparent to most people, but I find the secure down-slope braking ability to be one of the most important assets of this type of chassis. In addition, with dual wheels on the Ventrac 4000 series tractors, operation on side slopes of up to 30 degrees is both practical and safe. The articulated frame of the Ventrac also provides another advantage over conventional garden tractors and compact utility tractors with 4 wheel drive. When steering the Ventrac, the front and rear wheels turn at the same speeds and follow the same tracks, so the turf is not disturbed.

I use my Ventrac 4500Z  for many different applications. It not only serves as my workhorse, but it is also one of my major hobbies. I have 12 Ventrac attachments and numerous other-branded attachments and implements that I use at home, at church, and to help maintain the trails at Nahant Marsh, a wetland preserve located near Davenport, Iowa. On the other hand, I don’t have a sports car, a boat, an airplane, or a therapist.

On July 21, 2008, a derecho with winds over 100 mph struck in my neighborhood taking down numerous trees and power lines. My Ventrac powered the generator to provide emergency electrical service to our house for several days totaling 119 straight engine hours. It was only stopped for refueling and oil changes. Impressive performance when we needed it most!

The design and construction of Ventrac equipment is outstanding—everything is “built like a tank” and easy to maintain. In addition it is just plain fun to operate and satisfying to see the quality results in the work accomplished. I am also very pleased with the responsiveness and competence of my Ventrac dealer.

I am sending 40 photos of my various applications for your consideration, but I consider the one below to be the most important in illustrating my need for Ventrac equipment.

Contour Mower on 28 Degree Side Slope.JPG

The slope here is 28 degrees. Please use this photo, if no other, in anything about me and my applications that you post on the Web or use for advertising purposes. It best illustrates the essence of why I am a Ventrac fan.

Why they are a Ventrac Fan.

I am delighted with Ventrac products and the people that provide them!

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