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Name, Location Larry Riggins - Boones Mill, VA Larry Riggins
Their Ventrac Equipment

Ventrac 4200P, 72 inch mower, 60 inch slip scoop, 72 inch fixed blade

Their Ventrac Story

Our yard is VERY steep, up to 30 degrees. After weeks of research, this is the only tractor on the market that met all of our needs. We purchased the fuel-injected engine as it is rated for 30 degrees continuous use. If you do the math, the fuel-injected motor more than pays for itself based upon fuel-savings cost. We plan to add an aerator and a spreader this year. Recently, we had a 20 inch heavy snow and the Ventrac cleared our 500 feet of steep driveway with no issues! Mowing is a breeze. Our son even enjoys mowing! We use the slip scoop all of the time for hauling mulch, limbs, bags of fertilizer and recently snow. We are most impressed by the engineering and toughness of this tractor.

Why they are a Ventrac Fan.

From a homeowners perspective, this was an expensive purchase. No other machine is capable of maintaining our property and we would recommend this to anyone with a sloped yard where safety is of primary concern.

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