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Organization Profile
Organization Wilco Development LLC
Location Warwick, RI
Type of organization Landscaper/Lawncare
Area Being Maintained multiple properties 50
About the Organization

General Contractor, Property management, site excavation and utility services. 30 years experience in all of the above

Top Fan Testimonial
Name, Title Bill Wilbur - Owner Bill Wilbur
Their Ventrac Equipment

3200 diesel with snow blower, sweeper, mower deck, scoop and snow blower.

Their Ventrac Story

I service multiple properties on a busy boulevard in Warwick RI. A portion of our work is to service a 24/7 operation center. Due to the concerns for the employees and the general public we are required to service the walkways frequently during a snow/ice event. In most cases it's a battle because the cities plow trucks push the road snow onto the walks soon after we complete our work on the walks, so it's repeated multiple times per storm. The contract requires walks to be clear for the safety of employees and public. One sidewalk we maintain is over 1200 feet. Without the Ventrac sweeper or blower we would be back out there behind a walk behind blower. This would take 3 employees, and take 4 times longer to complete. The heated cab makes it so you can operate comfortably. The new scoop and sweeper worked out well in a recent job installing fire signal cable on a project with 12 buildings located on a landscaped area. We trenched 2500 feet. The back fill operation was partially completed with the scoop and sweeper on the grass. The turf tires and articulation made it such that our repair to the site was 1/3 than what we had budgeted for. The grounds keeper was very happy.

Why they are a Ventrac Fan.

The Ventrac equipment has serviced my company well with a variety of applications for the attachments.

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